My research covers different aspects of Political Sociology. It relates to the fields of Comparative Politics, Political Behavior, Political Psychology and Public Opinion Research. I am particularly interested in studying how social and political changes affect political affact political attitudes and social attitudes. Empirically, I mainly make use of quantitative methods including a comparative perspective (mainly cross-national comparisons). Geographically, I focus on Europe. Below, you find information on my doctoral thesis and other research projects I am working on.

Research Projects

  1. Populism as a problem of social Disintegration (Dissertation Project)
    This project is my doctoral thesis and focuses on the explanation of populist attitudes with particular emphasis on the role of social (dis-)integration. To do so I use original survey for six European countries and employ a wealth of different measures for populist attitudes and social integration to provid a nuanced picture of the relationship.
  2. The Political and Social Ramifications of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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