Welcome to my website!

Maximilian Filsinger

PhD Candidate
Institute of Political Science
University of Bern

Welcome to my website!

My name is Maximilian Filsinger. I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Bern working on political sociology and political psychology. My thesis focuses on the explanation of populist attitudes with particular emphasis on the role of social (dis-)integration. To do so I use original survey for six European countries and employ a wealth of different measures for populist attitudes and social integration to provid a nuanced picture of the relationship.

I have a BA and MA degree in Politics and Public Administration from the University of Konstanz (Germany). My work has appeared in European Societies, German Politics, International Political Science Review, Nations & Nationalism, Swiss Political Science Review and VOLUNTAS. On this website, you will find further information on my research and teaching. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact me.